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The Biggest Competition for Video Game Consoles

The next generation consoles are all out on the market, and there is a ton of hype and fanfare surrounded by them. People are getting new consoles left and right, and those who have older consoles are looking to get an Xbox or PS3 repair just so they can play the games that are coming […]

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Video Games Every Gamer Should Download from 2013

The video game industry has changed, and now independent developers are creating more and more diverse video games that really show off a deeper level of creativity than ever before. There are video games that cannot be beaten because of their difficulty, and horror games that truly make you want to jump out of your […]

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Videogame 911- The latest in the world of gaming!

Over the years there have been many gaming consoles and hand held games. Now the year is 2014 and with so many game consoles out on the market this year how can someone pick the best gaming console that will hold up for years and that will suit them well. Here you will find the […]

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What to Expect from Your Game Console in 2014

[fblike style="standard" showfaces="false" verb="like" font="arial"] [fbshare type="button"] This year, you will have a lot of video game opportunities waiting for you throughout the months. Not only will the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U have games coming out for it, but there will also be games coming out for the previous generation consoles of the […]

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Microsoft Has Done it Again!

Stop what you're doing right now and listen, really listen to your surroundings. If you can, try to let the environment around you get as quiet as possible. Do you hear anything? Possibly a low groaning sound overlaid with a film of deathly silence? If you do, then you're not alone because that's the reaction […]

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Do You Have an Obsession for Gaming? Check this out!

If you're reading this, it's probably a pretty safe assumption you enjoy playing video games. Doesn't matter if you're the player who enjoys them as a casual hobby, or whether you're the kind of person who treats them like a full-blown obsession, we understand. If you're one of the tremendously unlucky people who have had […]

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Xbox Announces Dead Island and Toy Soldiers: Cold War for Games with Gold February Releases

Excitement is in the air as Microsoft has just announced its Xbox 360 Games with Gold releases for the month of February. The announcements are exciting people so much that people with 360’s who have been giving them the “red ring of death” might decide to spend some of their tax refund for Xbox 360 […]

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Brandi Namco Announces Release Dates for Pac-Man Museum and Ace Combat Infinity

PlayStation 3 users might have two new reasons to not upgrade to the PlayStation 4, and if you are a Pac-Man or Ace Combat Infinity fan with a broken console you might have a reason to finally find someone who can make PS3 repairs. Bandai-Namco has recently announced that Pac-Man Museum and Ace Combat Infinity […]

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Microsoft Xbox One Release

The new Microsoft Xbox One is soon to be released. This successor to the Xbox is poised to change the way that video game systems are integrated into the home entertainment system. The Xbox One is made to be a truly dynamic home entertainment system of its own, melding together video games, Internet, TV, movies […]

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