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Video Games Every Gamer Should Download from 2013


The video game industry has changed, and now independent developers are creating more and more diverse video games that really show off a deeper level of creativity than ever before. There are video games that cannot be beaten because of their difficulty, and horror games that truly make you want to jump out of your seat. There are so many independent games out there; you really have your pick of the litter. These games will make you want to dust off your PS3 or Xbox repaired sooner rather than later.

dont-starve 1. Don’t Starve is a game that literally puts you in the middle of the woods with nothing but your keen senses to keep you alive. Throughout the game, you will have to keep yourself from starving, dying, and going insane from being in the dark too long. Some characters have special abilities, such as being super strong, having a ghost for a sister…and growing a beard. You will have to use these abilities to the best of your advantage in order to survive against all of the enemies you have to deal with, which includes two legged one eyed birds, swamp creatures, and hounds. Here is a helpful tip, don’t feed the pigs monster meat or they will become werepigs and destroy everything in their path.

gone-home 2. Gone Home is the indie game of 2013 that had everyone talking, and for good reason. Gone Home is a game that has been incredibly well received by even the most hardcore reviewers. The game puts a lot of emphasis in atmosphere, and it really makes people feel as if they are in the game. Everything from the detail of the home to the items that you find paints an interesting narrative that keeps you wanting to play more and more. It is an adventure that uses subtlety to really makes things stand out.

surgeon-simulator 3. Surgeon Simulator is the crazy indie title that completely throws the word intuitive out the window. Before you even start surgery, you will be trying to figure out how to pick up a knife for about ten minutes. The fun in the game isn’t about succeeding, but seeing how many times you fail before you actually do. It can be hilarious watching your friends fumble about and accidentally send someone’s ribs, lungs, and organs flying all over the place. If you think the game is hard at first, just wait until you do surgery in space!

The Stanley Parable 4. The Stanley Parable is an indie title that puts you into a narrative that is so hilarious and random that you won’t know what will happen next. The things that narrator say are outrageous, and the things that you do as a character are even more outrageous. You won’t be sure if you are playing the game or if the game is simply making fun of you.

journey- 5. Journey is actually a game that came out in 2012, but if you haven’t played it yet then you should stop what you are doing and play it right now. Even it means getting your PS3 repaired. This game is just like its namesake, it is a Journey and it is simplistic, beautiful, and emotional at times in the most surprising of ways.[ilink url=”http://vg911.wpengine.com/xbox-360-repair/”]Xbox 360 Repair[/ilink] is our specialty

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