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Do You Have an Obsession for Gaming? Check this out!


If you’re reading this, it’s probably a pretty safe assumption you enjoy playing video games. Doesn’t matter if you’re the player who enjoys them as a casual hobby, or whether you’re the kind of person who treats them like a full-blown obsession, we understand. If you’re one of the tremendously unlucky people who have had to go through the horrorĀ  of Playstation 4 repair, there’s not much in the world of material things that can make you feel worse when you’re brand-new machine goes down. Speaking of horror, if you happen to be a fan of the horror genre, there’s a brand-new treat coming to the Playstation 4 store, Outlast.

ps4-outlastIn Outlast, you play as a journalist, exploring an asylum packed with escaped patients, and far beyond inviting you to sit down for a cup of tea; they have bad intentions on their minds. The creators of the game have done extensive research into real life asylums, and various treatments for forms of mental illness. This research is combined into a incredibly dark and disturbing atmosphere to create what could be an extremely potent breath of fresh air for the survival horror genre, which over several years has been drowning in a sea of mutants aliens, demons and of course zombies. Bear in mind, that outlast aims to be true survival horror, not action horror, so no running just until you find that hidden shotgun or ammo clip. The most effective way to survive is to find a good place to hide, but that one always save you, because the artificial intelligence behind the people hunting you promises to be smart. Ideally, if you think you can outwit the bad guys just by hiding under the bed, you’re wrong because that will most likely be one of the first places they search.

Outlast will be offered free on the Playstation 4 store for PlayStation Plus members. Given the amount of positive feedback It has already received from its PC release on Steam, outlast is looking like it could be a great early PS 4 success story. Unfortunately, and also obviously if your Playstation 4 is broken right now there’s not much you can do except to explore options for Playstation 4 repairs. Thankfully, our company has some of the most knowledgeable and professional individuals, who are dedicated to fixing the problems you encounter quickly and at reasonable prices. When the unthinkable happens in you’re in need of Playstation 4 repair, think of us.

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