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Video Game 911 Terms & Conditions


Our FREE return shipping is offered on completed repair orders only.

1. VideoGame911.com and Anthony Edward Unlimited LLC (hereinafter VideoGame911) are NOT an authorized Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo service center. If you elect to have us service your video game system you must understand that these companies will not service your console at any future time once service has been done by us, or any third party repair company. The use of our service voids all other warranties on the video game system provided by Microsoft, Sony, and the Nintendo Corporation. These companies will not service video game consoles for any fee that have been serviced by companies or people other than their own service centers. We are not affiliated with Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo Corporation. Using VideoGame911 constitutes an express waiver of your rights under those warranties and waives any liability or claim against VideoGame911 for voiding those warranties.

2. If you are under the age of 18, then you may not utilize the services (repair or buyback) of VideoGame911.com without the express written consent of an adult. That written consent should accompany the system when you ship it to VideoGame911.

3. VideoGame911 provides video game repair services backed by a (90) day limited warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. If your system requires additional servicing for the specific problem that you identified originally during the (90) day warranty period we will fix it. We require a written response in the repair order which indicates the condition for returning the system to validate the warranty. The customer only assumes responsibility for shipping charges to ship the video game system back to us. The unit will be serviced by VideoGame911 at no cost to the customer, and shipped back to the customer at our expense. Units returned under warranty to Video Game911 should be sent with ALL of the original packaging and so they will be protected during shipping. Units which are physically damaged by any means other then the original service at VideoGame911 are not covered by this limited warranty. Use of after market devices with a system may void warranty. Additional cleaning costs may apply to systems which are considered hazardous environments due to dust and grime buildup. The warranty is not transferable.

4. If you ship your unit to VideoGame911 for repair services and then decide not to have service work completed by VideoGame911, then you are responsible for the return shipping cost of the unit. For clients located outside of the continental United States, there will be additional shipping charges for systems that are shipped back to clients. All shipments that include destinations outside of the contiguous United States will be shipped via DHL International or USPS Global Express Mail (3-5 day delivery). All units which arrive with insufficient packaging to return ship will incur a packaging and handling fee $6 to pay for the box, and additional packaging required. Please be aware that additional shipping fees apply to P.O. Box shipments.

5. Our standard completion time for repairs is 24-48 hours (during the business week). VideoGame911 will not be held liable for repairs that take longer than the stated repair time estimates.

6. When the hard drive needs to be replaced, the client should assume that all saved data will be lost. VideoGame911 will not be responsible for any lost data on any machine or device shipped to it. It is the clients responsibility to remove all files or data from the hard drive prior to shipping the the unit to VideoGame911.

7. VideoGame911 is not responsible for damage to systems that occurs during shipment to/from our offices. All claims for damage during shipping must be filed with the particular carrier for any damages that may occur, and are subject to the terms and conditions that those companies may impose.

8. All costs associated with shipping of your video game system to VideoGame911 are the responsibility of the customer. If during shipment, any fees associated with delivery corrections are the sole responsibility of the customer. If the total protection service is utilized by a customer, the system must arrive packaged well and without damage. Any damage to the unit which was caused during shipment will need to be evaluated by a claim with UPS. This process takes a minimum of 14 days and will delay the turnaround for any order.  In the cases of orders which are not shipped to VideoGame911 for servicing, additional charges will apply for return insurance, packaging and handling to cover costs of such materials not supplied by the customer.

9. VideoGame911 does not buyback video game systems that have been electrically altered in any way. If you ship a modified system to us for buyback, we will simply hold the unit until you provide the return shipping costs.

10. We make every effort to provide quick and effective service for every customer. In order to do that we need to quickly turn around every service job. Therefore, unless prior arrangements have been made with your repair engineer, storage charges are applicable to orders which are not paid for within 14 days from estimate. If for any reason your order is not paid for after 60 days, your system will be considered abandoned and it will become the property of VideoGame911. Refunds must be requested within 24 hours from payment, however subject to a 15% restocking fee

11. In any case of disputes over billing, repair, shipment, damage to the system or any other business related dispute, the customer agrees that the sole remedy will be binding arbitration through the Better Business Bureau (see BBB.org for details). However, all disputes must first be indicated in writing through the customer account for https://videogame911.com/ prior to the complaint file date or options for warranty are voided. Further, in the case of conflicts of law, the law of the State of New Jersey shall apply.

12.  VideoGame911 and Pinball911 provide in house service calls for orders which have that option.  Orders once scheduled require a minimum of 24 hour advanced cancellation notice if for any reason a scheduled appointment needs to be cancelled or changed.  There is a $25 fee for orders which are rescheduled without 24 hour notice.  If an appointment is cancelled for any reason without rescheduling within 14 days the service call fee is required and will be billed accordingly.

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