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Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo Switch Repair Console
24 Hour Common Repair Turn Around
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Nintendo Switch Repair Services

Video Game 911 specializes in Nintendo Switch Repair. We have been providing professional, affordable, and effective video game console repairs for over 27 years. Our excellent customer service and detailed notification process are just some of the reasons our customers continue to choose us for all of their Nintendo Switch Repair, cleaning, even upgrades.

All of our Nintendo Switch Repair’s come with a 90 Day warranty so you can feel confident in the repairs we have provided. With a common 24 hour turn around on all most all repairs. We will have you back in the game seat in no time flat.

3 Ways to get us your console.
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* We offer free repair analysis and free return shipping on all completed Nintendo Switch Repairs.

Our Nintendo Switch Repair Services Include

If it's broken Video Game 911 can fix it.
  • USB-C port failure: From damaged ports to broken pins, to total structure main board trace failures. We have process, procedures and techniques we follow to determine the Nintendo Switch repair needed and what it takes to recover from the port physical damage. Nintendo Switch Repair to ports is possible, however in the cases where port repair is not possible total port replacement may be required and is something we also can offer if needed. Our policy does require we receive and diagnose any USB-C port which has been physically damaged to ensure we accurately investigate and estimate the repair needs.
  • Switch does not power on: We have repaired many different faults with all of the Switch and lite consoles. We have a system which we follow to determine the nature and direction of the Nintendo Switch repair needed. These Nintendo Switch repairs do include component and integrated circuit level repair and parts replacements.
  • Overheating issues: Sometimes fans slow down, have trouble cooling the switch console, fans break or wear out if they ingest long hair or other debris. Other times the switch console may not be thermodynamically sound which can cause overheating to occur.
  • Joycon drift or buttons not working: Joycons and buttons can break or wear out from continuous use as well as being stored in a suitcase or squashed in a travel case. For these types of Nintendo Switch repair situations, we normally replace with brand new parts to ensure proper operation and clean, crisp movement in games.
  • Switch display failure: We repair broken connections, cabling, backlight issues and many other Nintendo Switch repair faults which cause a display failure with Switch console. We also stock all model Switch, Switch lite, and Switch OLED replacement displays if a new screen replacement is needed.
  • Games do not play: Sometimes the cartridge reader will become worn over time, or collect debris which can cause errors or unreadable games. We offer Nintendo Switch repair to repair and replace game card and SD card slots, as well as any input or output device on the system.
  • Docking issues: No video output when using docking station can be related to USB-C port failure as well as other internal electronics issues that we diagnose and repair with all Switch model consoles.
  • Error codes: Many 2xxx and other error codes are documented and potential issues and Nintendo Switch repair options have been diagnosed over the many years we repair these consoles. With this experience and data in our database we can help to resolve many different error codes and internal system software and hardware errors.
We offer 
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We make shipping your console to us safely to be repaired easy & affordable.

Benefits repairing your 
Nintendo Switch with Video Game 911

Over 27 Years In Business

FREE Nintendo Switch Diagnostics w/all completed orders ($19.95 value)
Common same day repairs
Highly trained technicians
Step by step email notifications
Superior testing equipment
FREE return shipping on all completed orders

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

How long does an Nintendo Switch repair process take?

Nintendo Switch repair process typically takes between 1-3 business days once we receive your console, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Do you offer a warranty on your Nintendo Switch repair services?

Yes, all Nintendo Switch repairs are covered by our standard 90-day warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Can I send in my Nintendo Switch for repair from anywhere?

Yes! We accept repairs mailed to us from anywhere in the United States. Just follow our instructions after you fill out a service form to send us your Nintendo Switch.

What are the common repair cost to fix the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Analysis Using our custom designed test bench diagnostics to quickly and accurately determine the issue with each and every system we receive. $19.99
Console Dropped or Damaged We can evaluate physical damage and and replace all necessary parts in most cases. We have brand new parts in stock for your Switch and Joycons. Starting at $89.95
Won’t Charge We replace batteries, AC charging cables, and the power ports on your Nintendo Switch with quality OEM parts. Starting at $79.95
Joycon Repairs We repair all Joycon issues Starting at $40..95
LCD blank/ Freezing/ Turning Off Issues related to freezing, crashing, and not booting up we fix them all! Starting at $97.95
Blue Screen of Death (Bsod)  Starting at $99.95
Overheating/ Fan Issues  Starting at $79.95
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