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Video Game 911 FAQ

Commonly asked questions

If I have it repaired, will I lose the disc?
This is a common occurrence and our system is designed to help you with getting your disc back. Many console failures cause a disc to be trapped inside of the dead system. We recommend when you create the order, or at any time through the order comments section, you should indicate the disc name with the repair order. This will ensure that your assigned technician locates the disc during the repair service and they will return it with the completed repair. It is also recommended to include the empty disc case for us to return the disc in the original protective case.

Every unit needs a good cleaning…
We clean every system which goes through our process at many levels. Our facility uses a highly powered central vacuum system which is designed to remove even the most stubborn particles. Additionally, when we dissasemble the unit we can access many of the nooks and crannies which house debris and dust which can get sucked into the unit through the fans. We see dust as one of the main reason for failures and we will remove any blockage to keep the unit breathing fresh clean air as intended. You get all this with every repair order as a total service with no additional charge.

We have Same Day Services available
We offer same day service for certain errors and repairs, however during high volume periods we may need to charge an expedite fee to put you ahead of other paying customers. Please be aware that for YOUR protection, we test ALL repaired systems for a minimum of 4-6 hours after the repairs are completed so please allow us the time for quality assurance testing to finish. We will always continually update your order with email updates as our process completes and will post the order status to “READY FOR STORE PICKUP” when you can rush in to pickup the repaired system.

We repair hundreds of consoles regularly and we have all of the necessary cables and accessories to test your unit. Minimum requirement is for us to receive the console for the repairs required. If you are having power issues, please be certain to send the power supply, ac adapter, or power cable you use with the system. It is recommended to send as many items as you would like us to check with your repair order. Our engineers will test everything that you send with the order, however if you require specific items or tests to be completed just mention it with the repair order. You can always update the order with a comment which will go right to the tech who is working with your system.

Once you have your account with us, just go to the top right of any page of our website and click on Customer Login. From there you log in using your email address and password. When in the My Account window, you will see an order number starting with 1000xxxx. On the right hand side of the corresponding order number, click on VIEW. This will show your order in detail. At the bottom of the page is the comments section which you can use to document or communicate to your technician. The comment, when submitted, will be time and date stamped and also appear in blue. Our engineers are trained to review the blue comments for detail to be certain to accommodate requests or concerns whenever possible.

Our service is setup to help you by receiving the system and providing a correct estimate for the actual repair required by your unit. Our experience shows that some errors can be corrected with specific cleaning/refurbishing of the internal electronics in the system, while other repairs require replacement parts. Due to the many different models and internal parts which are different based on the model system, replacement part pricing is provided based on YOUR particular system and repair required.

VideoGame911 does not require a receipt or any documentation regarding the purchase of your system. We will repair any unit that you send to us without any further documentation required outside of the service order which can be completed on our homepage.

I have already taken the unit apart and could not repair, will this be a problem?
We receive systems in virtually every condition. Our services do not have issue with previous repair attempts, however we ask that you provide some detail in the order to help your engineer understand the amount of effort you put into the repair attempt. The more honest detail you offer will allow your technician to avoid extended diagnostics which will keep your repair services fast and accurate. Make certain to secure loose parts in Ziploc bags to avoid parts becoming lost or missing. Remember that we have all parts in stock, however if you supply the non damaged parts we will use them to complete the repair of the system. Basically, just update your order, and be certain to secure the loose parts in the system to ensure safe delivery.

Common Repair Costs

We are aware that there is a price point when a repair is less cost effective than replacement options.

Therefore we strive to provide repair options for every order which are less than the manufacturer or any other alternative.

Video Game System Troubleshooting $19.99
XBox System Cleaning
(including cleaning system internals and laser lens)
Replace XBox Hard Drive & Motherboard $69.95
Replace XBox DVD-ROM Drive $45.95
XBox 360 Red Ring Light Errors
commonly referred to as the Red Ring of DEATH, are repaired using our advanced techniques. We perform necessary updates to increase stability, and add advanced cooling to your system for $79 and up depending on console condition, red light error code, and XBox 360 version. Some Red Ring errors are caused by accessory failure and in these cases repairs can be much less.
as low as $39.95
XBox 360 System Repair
Troubleshooting/cleaning rates are the same as the xbox however motherboard and DVD replacements require additional costs which also depend on the xbox 360 model.
Basic PS3 System Troubleshooting $19.99
PS/PS2 System Cleaning
(including cleaning system internals and laser lens)
PS2 Laser Replacement
depending on system version
$38.95 – $59.95
PS3 HD Blu-Ray Laser Replacement $109.95
PS3 HDD upgrades
Upgrade your harddrive from 160GB to 500GB including data transfer for free with any repair.
PS3 Yellow Light Issues (YLOD)
Hardware Failure. This condition can be caused by many factors and depends on the failure point.
As low as $49
PS3 Motherboard Failure
Even the worst kind of motherboard failures are regularly repaired by our sophisticated repair services for less than manufacterer cost.
as low as $39.95
Blu Ray Drive Replacement
currently available to our repair customers but may be limited due to the system model and version information.
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Common Wii Repair Costs
Nintendo Wii System Troubleshooting $19.99
Nintendo Wii Laser Replacement $59.95
Wii System Cleaning
(including cleaning system internals and laser lens)
Common GameCube Repair Costs
GameCube System Troubleshooting $19.99
GameCube System Cleaning
(including cleaning system internals and laser lens)
Common DS Repair Costs
Nintendo DS bottom LCD Replacement $40.95
Common PSP Repair Costs
PSP LCD Replacement $59.95

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