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Playstation 4 Repair

PS4 Repair
24 Hour Common Repair Turn Around
90 Day - Repair Warranty
26 Years Console Repair Experience

Playstation 4 Repair Services

Video Game 911 specializes in Playstation 4 Repair. We have been providing professional, affordable, and effective video game console repairs for over 27 years. Our excellent customer service and detailed notification process are just some of the reasons our customers continue to choose us for all of their Playstation 4 Repair, cleaning, even upgrades.

All of our Playstation 4 Repair's come with a 90 Day warranty so you can feel confident in the repairs we have provided. With a common 24 hour turn around on all most all playstation 4 repairs. We will have you back in the game seat in no time flat.
3 Ways to get us your console.
  • Drop off your console.
  • Ship Us Your Console
  • Total Protection $29.95

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* We offer free repair analysis and free return shipping on all completed Playstation 4 Repairs.

Our Playstation 4 Repair Services Include

If it's broken Video Game 911 can fix it.
  • Fan Replacement
  • HD Blu-Ray Laser Replacement
  • Blinking Light Issues
  • HDMI port repair
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Power Issues
We offer 
total protection shipping
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Free Phone Consultation
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We make shipping your console to us safely to be repaired easy & affordable.

Benefits repairing your 
Playstation 4 with Video Game 911

Over 27 Years In Business

FREE Playstation 4 Diagnostics w/all completed orders ($19.95 value)
Common same day repairs
Highly trained technicians
Step by step email notifications
Superior testing equipment
FREE return shipping on all completed orders

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

What are the common repair cost to fix the Playstation 4?

Basic PS4 System Troubleshooting Using our custom designed test bench diagnostics to quickly and accurately determine the issue with each and every system we receive. $19.99
Playstation 4 Repair – Fan Replacement  (including cleaning system internals and laser lens) $59.95
Playstation 4 Repair – HD Blu-Ray Laser Replacement Replacement with NEW and not used parts. Designed to have the same life if not better than your original. $109.95
Playstation 4 Repair – HDD upgrades Upgrade your hard drive 160GB with options up to 500GB including data transfer for free with any repair. $89 and up
Playstation 4 Repair – Blinking Light Issues (BLOD, YLOD, RLOD, WLOD) Hardware Failure. This condition can be caused by many factors and depends on the failure point. As low as $59
Playstation 4 Repair – Additional Motherboard Component Failure Sometimes physically damaged ports or other certain types of damage leave some damaged components just outside the original repair. We are able to replace any failed component since we have all parts in stock. As low as $39.95
Playstation 4 Repair – HDMI port repair Charges are determined based on system internal version and if port can be repaired or replaced. While we have the ability to replace all ports it is not something we have a flat rate for. We have found that many customers assume that the port is damaged beyond repairs, however we have repaired many port issues without the need for a total replacement of the port in the system. Either way, repair or replacement of the port in the system is very reasonable even in the worst case scenarios and we have never had a customer not proceed with the repair when quoted. If the port requires complete replacement, we have stock of much higher quality replacements, which are more robust and stronger to avoid problems in the future. The main visible difference is the placement of the pins in the header which are housed inside of a protective layer instead of loose and easily bent like the original ports. This is a significant improvement over the original port design and it is our pleasure to offer you these replacement ports to repair the issue you experienced with your system. As low as $59.95
Playstation 4 Repair – Blu Ray Drive Repairs Please be notified that replacement drives are rarely necessary since we actually repair the matched drive in the system. This keeps repair costs down and also with the drive matched and locked electronically to the motherboard, replacement drives are not normally required or recommended. Please don’t be fooled by others who sell drives to replace in your system, you will learn the hard way that this is not a very good option, and thus we avoid costly drive replacements with all drive model repair parts in stock. As low as $59.95

How Can I Contact My Repair Technician?

Once you have your account with us, just go to the top right of any page of our website and click on Customer Login. From there you log in using your email address and password. When in the My Account window, you will see an order number starting with 1000xxxx. On the right hand side of the corresponding order number, click on VIEW. This will show your order in detail. At the bottom of the page is the comments section which you can use to document or communicate to your technician. The comment, when submitted, will be time and date stamped and also appear in blue. Our engineers are trained to review the blue comments for detail to be certain to accommodate requests or concerns whenever possible.

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