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Excitement is in the air as Microsoft has just announced its Xbox 360 Games with Gold releases for the month of February. The announcements are exciting people so much that people with 360’s who have been giving them the “red ring of death” might decide to spend some of their tax refund for Xbox 360 repairs, because as of right now these Games with Gold deals are not available for the Xbox One.

The great thing about Xbox 360’s Games with Gold is that as a qualifying Xbox Gold member you can download these games from Xbox Live for free. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the length of time you have to download the game, if you wait for too to download the game, or you will have to pay full price, which is $19.99 for Dead Island and $14.99 for Toy Soldiers: Cold War. If you do not have an Xbox Gold subscription this might be a good time for you to try Xbox Gold out, just for the two free downloads you will have access to this month.

The first game that will be available for download is Dead Island. Dead Island will be available from February 1st through the 16th. The game was originally released for the 360 in 2011 and its release to Games with Gold has been much anticipated. This game is a first-person action that is intensely focused on melee combat. Dead Island is an open-world zombie adventure game praised for its in-depth character development and for the gamers’ ability to customize a large number of weapons.

When Dead Island first came out in 2011 it received an 8.0 review from IGN despite the numerous technical issues it had. The technical issues have been resolved and the game now plays relatively flawlessly.

The second game set to be released for download in February is Toy Soldiers: Cold War. It will be available to download from February 16th through February 28th. As might be suspected from the title of the game, this game follows the storyline of the Cold War thus includes a countless number of U.S. and Soviet troops, combat vehicles, fighter planes, assault helicopters, and base defenses. The unique thing about this game is that you get to take control of all these things as toys, and not just any toys, but toys that look they came straight out of the 80’s!

Toy Soliders: Cold War was positively received upon its initial release in 2011 as well. IGN gave the game an 8.5 and millions of copies in its first year.
It is no wonder people are so excited about the releases this month; Microsoft is giving people one of the best line-ups Game of Gold has ever seen. Make sure to fire up that Xbox and make sure it’s working so you can get your hands on these games for free before the deal is gone. If you consol isn’t working find a Xbox 360 repair shop locally or online to get your console up and running before it is too late!

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