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PlayStation 3 users might have two new reasons to not upgrade to the PlayStation 4, and if you are a Pac-Man or Ace Combat Infinity fan with a broken console you might have a reason to finally find someone who can make PS3 repairs.

Bandai-Namco has recently announced that Pac-Man Museum and Ace Combat Infinity will be released next month for several gaming consoles including the PlayStation 3. This is great news for PlayStation 3 owners everywhere who are looking to bring classic gaming to their consoles, which Sony has made difficult since they discontinued including retrospective game play on the PlayStation 3 console. The games were originally set to release for Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation 3 consoles, but complications with Nintendo’s e-shop have delayed the games release through Nintendo indefinitely leaving only Sony and Microsoft to carry the game.
Both games are scheduled to release in North America for the PS3 on February 25th and in Europe on February 26th. Gamers who pre-order the game before March 31st will receive a free download of the beloved Mrs. Pac-Man game.

The Pac-Man museum will place classic Pac-Man games right beside newer ones in order to allow players to play through all the games as they have evolved through the years. The game will include the original Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Man Championships Edition, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Pac-Attack, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Super Pac-Man, and Pac-Man Remix.

Pac-Man Battle Royal will be a special treat for gamers outside of Japan, because it is a super addictive multi-player arcade game that is a rare find at any arcade in the US or Europe. Pac-Man Remix is also an exciting edition to the line-up because it has previously been an iOS exclusive game.
The Ace Combat franchise has been around for nearly two decades, and sold over 10 million units worldwide. Its popularity is most likely due to its classic arcade-style aerial combat and shockingly realistic visuals. Ace Combat Infinity is set to take place in the year 2019, approximately 20 years after meteors smashed into earth and killed 20 percent of the population. Chaos ensues and war soon erupts between the United Nation Forces and an undisclosed secondary organization. Players will control a Bone Arrow 4 and lead the United Nation Forces in their wartime air operations.

Ace Combat Infinity will feature two gameplay modes: one will be a co-op mode for people who like to team up with their friends and the other will be for people who prefer to “fly solo” while they are gaming.

Both Ace Combat and Pac-Man Museum will be available for digital downloadable for the price of $4.99. Like I said if you are excited about this it may give you a reason to hang on to that PlayStation 3 console just a little longer or give you a reason to finally take your console to a PS3 repair store so you can power it up, download these games and remind yourself of the good ole days of gaming!

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