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Win a Million Bucks playing a video game! That is right, and exactly what Take Two sports did when they gave Brian Kingrey a cool mil for playing 2k11 baseball and pitching a perfect game. Brian, an avid video game player, was not a baseball fanatic and hadn't even played the game but for about two weeks before the contest began. He did know a few things however. First, he picked the pitcher from the cover of the game, Roy Halladay, a superb pitcher with an almost un-hittable slider. Second, he studied and knew that opening day in the game he would play a young aggressive team which would tend to swing at pitches outside of the strike zone. Third, he took the day of the contest off of work to avoid being beaten out by someone else since the winner was chosen based on the first player to achieve the goal. Imagine being so close to the Million Dollar win and suddenly you see Playstation 3 lights flashing on your console. Don't let PS3 yellow light flashing make you miss out on your million dollar prize, so get your system to VideoGame911.com for fast professional repairs to be completed. Whether there is a million bucks at stake or you just really want to get your system fixed, VideoGame911 is the fastest, less expensive, and best option for the repair of your system.

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