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Prepare Yourself for Epic Role Playing Game Adventures for Your PlayStation 3

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The new PlayStation 4 may be out in stores now, but the PS3 is the powerhouse that any Japanese Role Play Game (JRPG) fan should keep their eye on. In 2014, there are tons of JRPGs that are coming out to the console, and they guarantee you an epic adventure that will span several dozen hours. If your console is broken, this is the perfect time to get PS3 repairs.


There have already been several games announced for the PS3, and many of them are role playing games. With video games being so expensive, a roleplaying game is a good purchase since you can get a good 30 – 60 hour experience out of a single video game that features a main story, tons of side quests, and other activities that go beyond the basic video game experience.

Some amazing role playing games that have already been released are Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which is the final arc in the Final Fantasy XIII saga. It has already been positively reviewed for its unique combat style and the way it implements elements of action style games.

Another game that has been released recently is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which features two games that have been upgraded to HD. This game has classic RPG features, and it includes scenes between characters that break up the monotony of dungeon crawling with humorous and clever dialogue. The battle format is real-time as well, which means you don’t have to wait your turn to pull off any techniques.

Looking to the not too distant future, there are games that are coming out in the coming months that look and play amazingly. South Park: The Stick of Truth may be a licensed game, and it may be based on an animated series that uses rather simplistic graphics, but it has a style that makes you feel as if you are in the television show itself.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
With the voice acting being reminiscent of the television series, and the entire game featuring homages to the television series from the things you find in Eric Cartman’s closet, to discovering Mr. Hankey and his wife in the sewers, any fan of the television series or fan of RPGs in general will find something to enjoy in this game. There won’t be long to wait either as the game is coming out March 4, 2014.
In the world of remakes, Final Fantasy is coming back again with Final Fantasy X and X-2 being released just a few weeks after South Park. These are some of the best games in the Final Fantasy franchise, and seeing as that they are being upgraded to HD, the beautiful scenes will look so much more impressive than they did back on the PlayStation 2.

With other video games, such as Persona 5, coming at the end of the year; you may want to wait before you unplug your PS3 and miss out on all of these video games coming out. If your PS3 is collecting dust, before you buy a PS4, get your PS3 repair service so you won't have to miss out on these upcoming games that are sure to be amazing.

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