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Be a PlayStation 3 expert—learn how to do simple repairs


ps3-repairsIn 2013 the PlayStation 3 (PS3) was the hottest gaming console available on the gaming market, although it was a bit on the pricey side. Now it is 2014 and while there are new and advanced gaming consoles the PS3 is now very affordable and one of the more sturdy systems. With minimal technical issues and a variety of awesome, fun, action packed games that will keep you playing a bit longer than recommended! Keep reading and learn about PlayStation 3 repair, so that you can keep on playing even when technical issues arise.

PlayStation 3 Repairs (how to)

While the PlayStation is a sturdy device, like most electronics, it can have technical issues like freezing, skipping or not even turning on. Of course, this needs to be repaired, but there is no need to send it away to a repair shop or get frustrated. Most times, simple at home fixes will suffice so that you can back to your gaming.

To perform simple PlayStation 3 repairs for a console that won’t turn on, most times all you need to do is unplug the system from everything and let it sit for a moment, then attempt to turn it back on. The next think you should do if this doesn’t work is to make sure the game console is not overheated which can occur if the side vents on the console are covered up with dust, a carpet, or by a wall. If overheating is not the problem look next to see if the hard drive could be the issue.

If none of these solutions work then turn the console so that you can see all the lights which are located at the front of the game console (while the console is plugged in). If the lights are flashing from green to yellow then to red this is normally a sign you will not be able to do a quick fix, sadly you will have to call Sony, or send it in to a video game repair shop.

For PlayStation 3 repairs that have to do with skipping or freezing, the best thing to do is to look at the game you are trying to play and see if there are any scratches or dirt on the disk. If it is not the disk then clean the blu ray player. Overtime dust may have built up in the system. If this does not solve the issues then try to download a new firmware for your console, or do a system restore.

Be warned though; if you choose to do a system restore you will lose all your personal information, pictures, and music that is on the console. A restore will take the system back to the condition (software wise) that it was received when you received it (unless you received it used).
Now you have all the trouble shooting notes you should need so that you can do at home PlayStation 3 repairs.

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