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ps4-consoleAlthough the current/new generation of console gaming is only a few months old, there are already a number of people who have either through neglect or bad luck ended up with a non-functioning console. If you're reading this and happen to be one of those unfortunate souls, it just might be time to reconsider that empty hole in your entertainment center. Whether you're a committed audiophile, or just someone who has to have every available accessory for their console of choice, you might want to seriously consider investing in some PS 4 repairs.

As of February 3, 2014. Sony Playstation has announced the impending release of the 1.60 system software for the PlayStation 4 console. By far, the star attraction of the 1.60 update is the addition of support for wireless headsets. This is a long-awaited feature, and one that is already generating a lot of buzz among those who rely on headsets for the ideal audio and communication experience. While there is some very heated disagreement about the addition of headset support and 1.60, which mainly centers on whether headset support should have been delayed in favor of missing features that are currently available on the PlayStation 3, including DLNA support, support for external hard drives, et al., there is no denying that for the fans were looking forward to this update. It's a very, very good day.

To coincide with the release of the 1.60 update, Sony has also announced that there will be a new Gold edition of their Pulse headset series. The Gold entry is slated to sell at an MSRP of $99. So if you've been putting off those PS 4 repairs, now might be the time to consider getting them done. Of course, the PS4 is a very complex machine, so the average user is advised not to try to make any repairs themselves. To that end, we would ask that you consider our company for all your PS4 repair needs. We're efficient knowledgeable and have a great deal of experience with high-end electronics. In short, we're exactly the kind of people you need when something that you've sunk a lot of time and money in decides to break down. Picture it, whether you're coming home from a long day at work, or waking up bright and early on a weekend morning, we can bring your PS 4 back to life, and with the addition of Pulse headset support, your game time will be better than ever.

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