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PS4 Unleashed!

Playstation4Sony has announced its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. This will include several hardware upgrades including an 8-core x86 CPU and 8GB RAM which is set to replace the current cell processor and 512MB of memory. With the recent press and marketing exploit Sony has tried to focus on how the device is going to be more of an entertainment internet connected hub. Taking pace with today's social and sharing features a player can update friends and relay video directly onto the web social channels with ease. The unit will let you update Facebook as well as stream directly to a PS Vita, similar to the remote play feature on today's PS3 and PSP console.

With the system upgrade comes a new controller now deemed the DualShock 4. The new handheld control will include a small touch-pad and a "share" button that will open access to the new live streaming features of the console. It also acts as a PlayStation Move controller to avoid having another handheld to buy. Being that Sony hasn't even released a photo of the new console, the controller is about all we know with regards to the new look of the system.

Sony does state that there will be no native backwards compatibility with PS3 games. They state, however vague in their description, that streaming capabilities may allow for online playing of older games, however there is no details available concerning the number of titles and the cost for such at this point.

There is also speculation on the cost of the new console, which is slated for a Holiday 2013 release. Market analysts believe a price range of $429 to $599, however there are no clear indications from Sony at this point. One thing to expect is another blu ray drive inside of the unit as well as similar usb and hdmi functionality. Another safe bet is that the unit will break down when exposed to the gaming masses. Feel safe in knowing that VideoGame911 is already planning and retooling to repair PS4 systems. Our Playstation 4 repair services are ready to assist any gamer in need and we have our service team prepared for any issue which may arise. If you need a PS3 or PS4 system repaired, please go to our homepage, www.VideoGame911.com and start your repair order for our help with Playstation repairs.

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