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PS3 repair or buy new? What do I do?

When faced with the decision to repair PlayStation 3 or buy a new one, there are a few key factors which should come into play when deciding. Many customers ask us this and our answer is based on a few factors which help to make an educated decision. Users who purchased units from the original launch are using systems which are only three or four years old. While that may seem a lot in video game system years, that is not considered a long time as electronics have a much longer life span than that. In fact, most of the older systems are the better units with four USB ports and downward compatibility to play PS2 games also. In addition to the emotion engine and memory card slots, the original systems were designed with much more hardware and abilities which are non existent in today’s newer model 120gb and larger PS3 systems. This would mean that repair would be better than buying a new, since the older units are more capable and should have lots of game play left in them. Our PlayStation 3 repair service is so accurate and effective that when the unit is repaired, we can once again gain access to the stored data on the console. More often than not, a PlayStation 3 user is sensitive to data loss and starting over in some games is as good as giving up on all that time required to regain your advantages. While getting a new system may be an option, loosing downloads, game saves, pictures, and videos can be a very disheartening experience when coupled with the expense of a new unit. And last but not least, what about the cost of a new unit? Most systems today start at $299 and up, depending on the features and compatibility options. While we understand that new can be better, we repair new model systems daily and we find that repairs are common for all model units even only weeks after taking them home. This is due to many factors, however unless the unit has been abused or damaged physically, repair charges do not grow to be more than 50% of the replacement cost when dealing with a normal single point of failure. This ALWAYS means half the cost at max and that would be far less expensive to repair than replace. So our solution and verdict is that is is always cheaper to repair than replace the system, so do not go out and buy a new unit when the current machine you are using still has lots of life left in it and just needs to be repaired by our fast professional services at VideoGame911.

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