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24 hour drop off video game console repair services available to our client orders

24 hour drop off options available to all of our clients with a service order in our systems.  Once you have the drop off order completed you can get it to us immediately NO appointment REQUIRED.  When you drop it off at our drop off window you can include a box a packaging if you would like the unit return shipped to you directly.  If you just want to leave a console, controller or accessories, please just place some tape with order number on any item you leave.  Place them in a box or bag with order number on it.  It is REQUIRED that you then login to your account with us, view order, and respond with a clear description of all of the items you have dropped off for your order if not just a console.  To do this, just submit a question in the details of your order with us for a technician to receive it directly.  Keeping your communications in writing in your order questions area is the most efficient service option as we are working daily and nightly in some cases to handle this situation.  Now please go to our location at 411 East Main Street, Denville NJ 07834 and drop your unit off through our drop off window.  Once you drop off the unit, immediately log in and inform us the order has arrived.  To do so, please login to your order with us to speak directly to the assigned technician.


Then view the order and click blue ask a question button to document any request. Your assigned technician is best to assist you.  Confirm with them that you have dropped off the unit in the bin at our location.  We will check the order in once we receive and process the order.  Thank you.

Drop OFF procedure

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