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Showing off with our new thermal imaging system

Here are a few pictures of our recent benchmarking of working systems with infrared camera imaging.  Using these images, one can view broken vs. working machines in thermal view which shows cool or shorted sections in any circuit.  We have been using it for console repairs, and this has increased our efficiency and accuracy and helps to turnaround our repair orders at a much faster rate.  We have also been using it to final test problem machines to ensure our work is done right and lasts long.

Here is a video of a normally operating xbox 360 console from turn on to about 1 minute.  Notice the bright spots in the mosfet and ram areas.  So "cool" that we can now see this so accurately with our new system and can benchmark any system before and after our repairs.


The picture below is the same normally operating unit, after being on for a few minutes.

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