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Audio/Video Problems

AV issues

When your PS3 is not displaying on your output device its important to first check the cables and make sure they are all plugged in correctly.  We only recommend using one form of video output, whether its Standard Video or HD.  If your PS3 is still showing Audio or Video issues then please create a repair order with us.  Make sure to follow the instructions and package the system well before shipping it to us.

When your system arrives at our warehouse it is immediately put in a queue for our detailed check-in and order confirmation process.  During this stage of our process we will inspect your system for any damage that may have been caused during shipping and immediately notify you of the damages.  We will also take note of any accessories that you send with the system and document them with your order.  When you create your order, if you have any special requests or would like to inform your engineer of a desired update or upgrade, its here where you can do that!

The system will then move to the next stage of our process which is diagnostics.  This step is where the engineer first gets a chance to look at your system.  The engineer will check the Power Supply, HDD, Blu-Ray Drive, CPU, GPU, A/V outputs and USB Ports and Accessories.  Our detailed diagnostic process along with the symptoms you provide will allow the engineer a quick and efficient evaluation of your console that will be provided to you within the same day!  When you receive your estimate your engineer will elaborate on the errors that they found and inform you of the required fixes that need to be made on your console.  A full, concise and quick estimate is the goal of your engineer.

Upon written approval or payment your system will immediately be scheduled for bench time in the order in which payment is received.  We will then follow through with the repairs that we have specified in your online order.  Once repairs have been completed we will need to test your machine for at least 4-6 hours, although you the customer can specify if you want your system to be tested longer.  If our engineers feel that they need more time to test the machine they will notify you in your online order.

When testing has been completed, you as a customer are entitled to free return shipping.  Packaging is always upgraded for our customers for the care and saftey of your machine on its return trip.

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