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Shipping us your video game system for repairs.

shipping-boxShipping your system can be a very important step. We recommend using major carriers when shipping, the US postal service (USPS) is going to be the least expensive and probably is the most commonly used form of delivery. DHL, UPS, and FedEX are also options which provide service to our video game repair shop based in New Jersey. To ensure safe delivery of your video game system for repairs we ask that you safely pack them in a proper shipping container or a well fitted and padded box. Our experience has proven that during the shipping process the video game system can take quite a jolt.

During the shipping of your game console in a box too big and without the proper padding can result in further damage to your video game system. We have seen some pretty bad cases of poorly packed systems that have made the journey across the country to be repaired . When we open them they have cracked cases or worse due to mishandling of the system during the trip. So ensure the quickest and most secure way of shipping your system please use proper packing material when shipping your system to Video Game 911.

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