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Damage upon arrival / Warranty coverage

Your system has been returned to you, quality assurance tested, well packaged, and with our warranty sticker affixed to the console. In the completion of our process, we test the repair thoroughly (4 hours minimum stress test) with all media types to ensure the unit is working well prior to shipment.  Please understand, in no way did we return the unit to you not working.

If for any reason there is any physical damage or the system does not operate upon arrival, please do not discard the packaging material as it must be evaluated by UPS inspections for insurance purposes. Package the unit back with ALL original packaging material for safe transport and make sure to protect the unit for return. The packaging must have the original tracking number and shipment label on the box. Please immediately contact UPS at 800-742-5877. UPS Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 7am – Midnight EST, Sat: 7:30am – 9pm EST.

When you speak with the representative please just inform them that you received an item which was damaged in transit and UPS will schedule a pick up of your system for inspection of the ORIGINAL packaging and will return the system to VideoGame911 for repair evaluation.  Our insurance coverage will cover the costs of the return of the package to our facility.  Once we receive the package we will contact UPS and we will further document the detailed and specific issues with their shipping service for your order. Be sure to contact your engineer in the case of a damage claim and provide the Claim Number in your comment when you confirm the UPS pickup for inspection. We sincerely apologize for the shipping issue and appreciate your cooperation to resolve the situation with your shipment.

If you do not want to contact UPS for any reason or feel that the unit would be better served by warranty terms, please review the following items:

Our warranty process requires that we receive some information submitted in the comments section of your online order for the warranty process to begin:

This information request includes, but is not limited to, our request that you provide as much information as you can about play experience and time with the system since it has returned from repairs.

The condition of the system and packaging upon receipt.

The specific light colors which appear from the moment you turn on the unit to the point at which is shuts down and every light color in between.

Amount of time you played the system, The games played; and if the system failed while playing the system or during update.

Approximate date of most recent SYSTEM updates.

Information regarding the internal cooling fan speed, beeps or noise or if there were any symptoms prior to the situation.

Once you have supplied this information in writing in the comments section of your order press submit.   Please return the system to us using the current repair order for communications and further information when it arrives.

The unit should be packaged well using the packaging we provided when the unit was serviced. Provide us with the tracking information on return just the same way as you did with your original order. This will confirm your warranty timing with our system. Please be notified that your warranty service will depend on the condition of the system when it arrives. Do not decide to ship without appropriate packaging, as indicated in the safe shipping information we provided. If the unit arrives without proper packaging to protect the console and there is shipping damage as a result, warranty options will not cover the service to the unit.

VideoGame911.com and Anthony Edward Unlimited LLC provide video game repair services backed by a (90) day warranty. If your system requires additional servicing, for the specific repair that was completed, during the (90) day warranty period, the customer assumes responsibility for shipping the video game system to us. The unit will be serviced at no cost to the client and returned to the client at our shipping expense.

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