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The Biggest Competition for Video Game Consoles

Oculus Rift

The next generation consoles are all out on the market, and there is a ton of hype and fanfare surrounded by them. People are getting new consoles left and right, and those who have older consoles are looking to get an Xbox or PS3 repair just so they can play the games that are coming out soon. Despite the fact that there are so many games coming out for major consoles, there is still a lot of competition for video games in the console market, and the competition is increasing more and more.

Miniconsoles – the Ouya

Miniconsoles – the OuyaThe Ouya was a kickstarter project that had a lot of news surrounding it constantly. The console could have potentially brought in the era of the miniconsole, which essentially would be video game consoles that came in at a low price point for rather inexpensive games. Imagine getting someone a game console that only was one third or one fourth the amount of a standard console. The Ouya proved to struggle coming out of the gate, and it doesn’t have many games to support it now. As things are now though, it would be a much better financial choice to get an old PS3 repaired than to purchase an Ouya for roughly the same amount.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile GamingAnother market that developers are looking into strongly is the mobile market. There is good reason for this as well. Just look at Flappy Bird, a recent game that only featured the minimal amount of time, effort, and energy to create. Despite the simplicity of the game, there were millions of people who downloaded it, and oddly enough this game made around $50,000 a day on ad revenue alone. This in comparison to a Triple A video game that cost millions of dollars to make, but could only barely break even. A lot of people are worried that smartphone games could have a negative impact on the gaming industry, and if games like Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, and others continue to be so financially lucrative, then they may be right to worry.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift
Scary enough, the biggest piece of video game competition may not even be out yet. The Oculus Rift is apparently making great strides, and everyone who tries it seems to love it immensely. The Oculus Rift could be something that blows modern video games out of the water by increasing how immersive a video game is exponentially. The Oculus Rift can help video game consoles create a new era of gaming or be the market to beat in the next few years.

There are already major video game development companies shutting down and moving to other means because of the fact that money is hard to find in the video game market these days. Today there seems to only be a place for large developers that are somewhat guaranteed to make incredible sells, and smaller independent developers that have a relative low cost to make a game.

With the way that the video game industry is shifting, there may be a great deal of change coming up in the near future for the way we play video games.

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