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Shipping your system can be a very important step; we recommend using a major carrier when shipping.  The US postal service (USPS), UPS, and FedEx are all competitively priced and offer a variety of time frames for your shipment to be delivered to our video game repair shop based in Denville, New Jersey. 

To ensure safe delivery of your video game system we ask that you safely pack it in a proper shipping container or a well fitted and padded box. Our experience has proven that during the shipping process the video game system can take quite a jolt.  We recommend that there is at least two inches of padding between the video game console and all sides of the box.  Any accessory that is included in the shipping should be outside of the console’s cushion and controllers should be individually wrapped with a cushioned material.  Bubble wrap with the ½ inch bubbles or Styrofoam peanuts make excellent packing material.  The larger Air Filled bags tend to pop during shipping and are not recommended.  Shipping your system in the original Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 box is not recommended; while they may have been shipped from the manufacturer to the stores in these boxes, that was pallet shipping where they were shrink wrapped and not carrier shipping where they are individually handled and can be dropped.

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We have seen some pretty bad cases of poorly packed systems.  As the shipper, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your video game consoles.  Proper packing and insuring the contents are necessary steps.  We look forward to receiving your well packed video game system.

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