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ps4 broken hdmi portA PS4 broken HDMI port can be very frustrating to deal with.  VideoGame911 is a trusted provider that has extensive experience in dealing with broken HDMI ports across all models of gaming consoles.

The PS4 console does not have two video outputs like the PS3 console does.  The PS4 has HDMI output, the PS3 has composite output and HDMI output as well. This makes the issue a little easier when working with PS3 as you have two output options.

With a PS4 console, if you are reading this you most likely have a PS4 broken HDMI port and you need a solution fast.

This is what VideoGame911 does for their customers, we repair PS4 consoles and can help you.

Can a PS4 broken HDMI port be repaired?  VideoGame911 has grown to become rock solid solution to repair a PS4 broken HDMI port or replace it entirely.

There are many reasons for the HDMI to break, loose, or pins can be damaged.  Trust us, we have seen every possible combination of failures that can cause an HDMI port to fail.

In the worst case scenario, HDMI can be struck by lightning and that is when we have a lot of work to do to get your unit back to operating condition.

The PS4 console differs from its predecessor, the PS3, in terms of video outputs. Unlike the PS3, which had two video outputs (composite and HDMI), the PS4 only has HDMI output.repairing PS4

However, at VideoGame911, we have developed a high level of technical expertise in dealing with PS4 consoles that have a broken HDMI port.

We are capable of repairing or completely replacing the port. There are various reasons why an HDMI port may become damaged, such as it becoming loose or the pins being damaged. We have encountered every possible combination of failures that can lead to an HDMI port failure.

In the most extreme cases, the HDMI port may even be struck by lightning, requiring extensive work to restore the unit to its normal functioning state.

We specialize in repairing and replacing broken HDMI ports specifically for PS4 consoles. Our inventory is well-stocked with parts for both through-hole and surface mount HDMI ports, ensuring that we can cater to every console that comes our way.

PS4 broken HDMI port issues are no match for the specialists at VideoGame911.com.  If you want to get your PS4 broken HDMI port repaired, look no further than VideoGame911

With high tech microscope soldering systems our services can repair and replace any port found in any system we service.

If you find yourself in need of a repair or replacement for your PS4’s broken HDMI port, VideoGame911 is here to offer a fast and professional solution.

Rest assured that our services are designed to get you back to your gaming experience without causing any damage to the stored data on your console.

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