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xBox Elite Console




Sleek black enclosure and matching accessories add a sense of style
More than a video game console, Xbox 360 Elite combines interactive gaming, digital media, online social forums, wireless technologies and much more
Symmetrical triple-core CPU, with each core running at 3.2GHz, provides lightning speed and mind-blowing gameplay
Powerful 500MHz ATI graphics processor enables stunning 1080p high-definition visuals through the HDMI port
Exclusive games (not included) shatter expectations with advanced customization features, high-definition graphics, full surround sound and online-enabled gameplay
Backward compatibility allows top-selling Xbox games to be played on Xbox 360 Elite
Wireless controller provides freedom and advanced precision, comfort and control
Progressive-scan technology enables DVD movies to be viewed with high-quality images and sounds
Listen to your favorite music from your portable audio player or your CDs
Create a photo slideshow with files from your digital camera or PC, and share your memories with friends and family members
Adjust the Family Settings to protect your loved ones from accessing undesirable content
Customize your console by personalizing your digital identity, user interface and system soundtracks
Headset allows you to talk to other users online and interact with voice-activated games
Video chat capabilities bring fellow gamers to life
Text messaging keeps you in touch with all of your friends
Online games from Ms. Pac-Man to Perfect Dark Zero make gaming fun for players of all abilities
Console can be vertically or horizontally positioned for the perfect fit in your media room
Unit comes with av and power cables
Pricing only available to repair customers and cannot be used with trade ins.


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