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Spider-Man Pinball

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June 2007 Stern Pinball.  Gorgeous condition was never used on quarters.  New rubbers and LED lighting add to this cool pinball machine designed for fans of all ages.

Notable Features: Doc Ock’s magnet that simulates a “Fusion Malfunction” by holding the ball; Green Goblin hovering on his glider above Pumpkin Bomb targets; Venom’s ramp that quickly feeds the ball back to the left flipper; Sandman’s whirlwind of targets and a motor 3-bank at the center of the playfield.

Toys: 3 motorized toy figures that move up/down. The center Sandman 3 bank motor similar to Attack From Mars and a tribute to Brian Eddy, stated by Steve Ritchie.

Cabinet is 55 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 75 1/2 inches high; 250 lbs.


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