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PS3 Blu Ray Full Optical Laser, motor, gearing Replacement – Free Return Shipping


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We have inspected your PS3 system. There are problems with the spindle, mechanism, and laser assembly in the Blu Ray drive. Dust is usually the #1 reason for failed system optics and burnout. We recommend using your discs in a disc case and do not insert them into the console if they are dusty. Clean with dust free cloths to keep dust to a minimum in and around the system. Do not use discs which appear warped, and never move the unit when operating. In addition our technician found quite a lot of dust on the motherboard and also in the fans. This needs to be thoroughly cleaned out or you run the risk of shorting a component on the board. The total cost for replacing the Blu Ray DVD-ROM laser assembly, resetting to the proper alignment, cleaning the unit with free return shipping is $132.95 plus tax. That includes a 90 day warranty on the Blu Ray DVD-ROM Drive. As an alternative, we can return your unit to you. The cost for the inspection and diagnostics is $29.95 to return ship the unit without repairs. Please make payment below to proceed.


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