Dualshock 4 Controller – PS4

Condition: Refurbished: Very Good
Brand: Sony
Type: Gamepad
Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
Model: CUH-ZCT1U
Color: Black
Connectivity: Wireless
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth

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Sony’s official DualShock 4 (DS4) controller embodies the devotion of millions of gamers worldwide. Sony has carried the tradition of giving the players what they want while keeping a simplistic design. The result is a truly satisfying gaming experience that allows players to get the most out of their PlayStations. The features of this unit include a player-facing 3.5-millimeter audio jack for use with a headset. A highly-responsive SIXAXIS sensor allows for split-second adjustment and mobility during play. There are capped rubber thumbsticks that provide intense grip for the casual gamer’s hands, and they also allow for the more intense gamers to add stick-lengthening devices if they choose. The PS4’s Trademark DualShock 4 controllers have low profile sticks for ergonomic use. A hybrid surface on the sticks caters to both Xbox One players and PS4 players alike. The covers on either side are constructed from durable and matte plastic while the textured back of the unit helps to alleviate sweat and keep your head in the game.The touch pad lets the gamer execute their tasks and missions with ease, all coming together to create a seamless gaming experience. The contoured triggers are shaped to allow players to keep their thumbs on the pulse of the game and their shots straight. The long-lasting battery allows for a wireless environment with minimal charge time in between long play sessions. There will be no more counting charges, only frags, as your controller allows you to outlast and replace your competition if you don’t mind paying in thumb for the lead. If a trigger or thumbstick wears out, replacement is easy to ensure that players are always ready to play.DualShock 4 controllers give gamers the freedom to experience a deep and lively experience with its dual rumble motors and an unobtrusive light that lets the player know when their batteries are running low. There are built-in speakers to enhance the audio immersion into their favorite games and worlds of choice. The controller generates an experience that truly sticks when used in conjunction with the PlayStation 4 console. From the loading screen to the credits after the adventure, the DualShock 4 will be there with you, and its analog sticks will quickly translate your inputs into movements and in-game actions.The Bluetooth connectivity helps to eliminate the need for traditional wired analog controllers, which in turn makes gamer mobility and interactive diversity in games a reality. The grips on the back of the unit keep the device from sliding in the player’s hands and let them keep their grips on both the controller as well as the game. The Directional Pad (D-Pad) has a light push and a quick return much like the respective X, Square, O, and Triangle buttons on the opposing handle. The L1 and R1 bumpers have a short push to ensure that your equipment goes down the first time, every time. The central PS button lets you rest assured that you can keep up with your friends or change applications with the utmost ease.


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