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Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Pinball Machine


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The Dirty Harry pinball machine was designed by Barry Oursler. The art for this game was produced by Kevin O’Connor and Pat McMahon. The animation was produced by Scott Slomiany, Adam Rhine, and Brian Morris. The music and sound for his game was produced by Vince Pontarelli. The mechanics of the game were produced by Zofia Bil. Dirty Harry is a multiplayer game that allows up to 4 players. The manufacturer of Dirty Harry is Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated that is a subsidiary of WMS Industry. It is also known by its abbreviation of DH. This pinball game falls under the themes of celebrities, fictional, and licensed theme. The playfield of Dirty Harry includes shooting pinballs at targets, sinkholes, ramps, magnets in through loops. ┬áThis pinball machine is recorded to weigh 250 pounds.

The slogans that were included in the Dirty Harry pinball game include the following:

  • “You feel lucky?’ You will when you get DIRTY HARRY.”
  • “Do you feel lucky? You should. Because DIRTY HARRY just arrived on the scene. He’s packing his famous .44 Magnum, a steely take-charge attitude, and a long list of players’ most wanted pinball features. So answer the question. `Do”
  • “A Direct Hit!”
  • “Set your sights on a winner!”dh_overall


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