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2 Red Rings of Death (RRD)

XBOX 2 red light

Prolonged play or leaving your system on for extended periods is usually the main cause of a 2 flashing red light/2 Red Ring of Death Error.  The system is indicating to you that it is severely overheating and is shutting down so that it does not cause further damage to important internal components.  It is imperative that you immediately fill out a repair order and ship the system to us.  Prolonged use of the console while experiencing this error can push the system beyond repair, greatly increasing your spending costs for a replacement.

When your system arrives at our warehouse it is immediately put in a queue for our detailed check-in and order confirmation process.  During this stage of our process we will inspect your system for any damage and create a report of our findings for your estimate. We will also take note of any accessories that you send with the system and document them with your order.  When you create your order, if you have any special requests or would like to inform your engineer of a desired update or upgrade, please indicate them in writing in your online order comments. At this point, the unit is setup and scheduled for bench time with our system engineers.

The system will then move to the next stage of our process which is diagnostics.  This step is where the engineer first gets a chance to bootup your system.  Your engineer will check your Power Supply and AV cables if you’ve sent them, your HDD (if sent), RAM Chips, GPU, CPU, motherboard components, DVD Drive, A/V outputs and USB Ports. Of course if you are specific and will require additional testing, please just advise your engineer in writing through your online order. Our detailed diagnostic process along with the symptoms you provide will allow the engineer a quick and efficient evaluation of your console that will be provided to you within 24 to 48 hours from receipt.  When you receive your estimate your engineer will provide a detailed estimate to inform you of the required fixes that need to be made on your console.  A full clear, concise and quick estimate is the goal of your engineer. Keep in mind, our engineers are gamers too, and they do everything they can to keep your data intact and safe throughout our processes.

Upon written approval or payment your system will immediately be scheduled for repair in the order in which payment is received.  We will then follow through with the repairs that we have specified in your online order.  Once repairs have been completed we will need to test your machine for at least 24 hours. We call this our quality assurance testing cycle. If you or your engineer feels that they would like more time to test the machine you/they will notify you in your online order.

When testing has been completed, our repair customers are entitled to free return shipping.  Packaging is always upgraded for our customers for the care and safety of your machine on its return trip.

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